We Don’t Have Anything in Common

Real Estate Agent Training

It’s not enough to be a knowledgeable real estate agent.  Why?  Because people buy people before they buy product.  With that being the case, we need to find some common ground with the people we work with. How Do You Connect? I was just asked by an agent in her mid 20′s how she should go about […]

No News Is Still News – Real Estate Agent Training

No News is Still News

No matter what you may believe, I say that  “no news is still news”! “I’ll Call You Right Back” Aren’t those some famous last words!  How many times have you been in the middle of a real estate transaction or at the end of a transaction…and left to wait?  Waiting for the lender to call […]

The Freedom To Choose – The Life of a Real Estate Agent


One of the greatest things about being a real estate agent is the freedom to choose.  In the midst of busy days and difficult transactions, it is easy to forget how we do differ from those in corporate life. The Freedom To Choose Our Clients Our clients can come from a variety of places…referrals, open […]

It Will Eventually Go To Settlement

Real Estate Agent Training

Given the fact that there are so many parties involved in a real estate transaction, it is a wonder how any of them ever go to settlement on time.  But they do! Selling Real Estate Is Like Running The Hurdles The buying and selling of real estate is not a sprint, but more like the […]

Welcome To The Neighborhood – 7 Things You Should Know

Real Estate Agent Training Tips

As a new real estate agent you generally have more time than money.  That was one of my father-in-law’s favorite sayings as he drove across the United States, but I like it for new agents too. Take Control Of Your Fears Most new agents are dealing with a great deal of fear. What if my […]

The Home Inspection and Your Clients’ Expectations

Real Estate Agent Training

For any one who has ever written a real estate contract you know how redundant they are.  Due to lawsuits, regulations and local and federal laws,  there are some things that are mentioned over and over and over again in the contract. The Home Inspection Outside of the contract, I feel that the home inspection should […]

3 Reasons Why You Aren’t Making Any Money

Real Estate Agent Training

As a real estate agent trainer I get to hear lots of reasons why real estate agents aren’t making any money.  And every agent who wonders why they aren’t making the money, has a reason or two as to why they aren’t making money. Are You Really Working? The number 1 reason a real estate […]

Hope Is Not A Strategy – Real Estate Agent Training

Real Estate Agent Training

“You should be able to undertake and complete anything”. I Got This! This is what I read when I open up my fortune cookie.  Of course when I read this I got very excited.  This is exactly what I wanted to hear…I would be able to accomplish the goals I had set for my real […]

Real Estate Investing Is Not For Everyone

Real Estate Agent Training Tips

You often get calls from former clients, family or friends about investing in real estate.  With interest rates at historic lows, folks are thinking that now is the time to invest. Real Estate Investing Is Not For Everyone Of course I think that real estate is a fantastic investment, however I don’t think real estate […]

I Think The Listing Agent Is Shopping My Offer!

Real Estate Agent Training Tips

As real estate markets heat up, the last thing your buyer wants to think is that the listing agent or seller is “shopping” their offer. The Drop Dead Date One way buyers have heard/read to avoid this from happening is to put a drop dead date on the contract.  I don’t like drop dead dates at all.  […]