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4 Free Templates

The Real-Life Real Estate Training program includes over 75 done-for-you checklists, forms and templates to help you get your business up and profitable quickly.

Please try out four of my much-needed templates now for FREE and get help on:

  • Developing a detailed personal business plan
  • Evaluating your marketing efforts…are you wasting time and money on activities that don’t work?
  • Preparing for an Open House
  • Preparing for a Listing Presentation

What Can I Help You With Today?

Expert Strategies for Real Estate Agents


Buyers + Sellers


Motivation + Experience


Skill + Success Training


Activities + Strategy


  • Deean Rubin

    “Real-Life Real Estate Training gave me the tools, the confidence and motivation I needed to launch my career.”

    Deean Rubin
  • Melissa Farley

    “If you put Candy’s systems and practices in place, you will be successful.”

    Melissa Farley
  • Emily

    “Real-Life Real Estate gives you specific tasks you can do immediately to become a successful real estate agent.”

  • Phil Dickson

    “Candy’s blunt and pragmatic approach cut to the core of what agents – particularly those new to the business – need to learn.”

    Phil Dickson
  • Kevin Johnson

    “The value of the Real-Life Real Estate Training program is that I can get the specific training I need when I need it.”

    Kevin Johnson
  • David Crossland

    “The Real-Life Real Estate Training program gave me the confidence I needed to be more assertive and not be a secret agent.”

    David Crossland
  • Nicole Lawrence

    “Real-Life Real Estate Training has been the best investment I have made in my business.”

    Nicole Lawrence

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