The Real-Life Real Estate Training program has produced successful real estate agents for over five years.

Agents who have implemented our systems have exceeded their goals and have seen their business grow.

It may be hard work and you may have to get out of your comfort zone, but the results are well worth it!

Here are some recent Real-Life Real Estate testimonials from real estate agents who have enjoyed success with our training program…

I’ve never spent money on career coaching because “it doesn’t work”. But truthfully, I needed to jump start my real estate career, so kicking and screaming I started working with Candy Miles-Crocker. I wasted some more time thinking of all the reasons why her mentorship and training wasn’t going to work. Then I realized it was working.
Unlike other career trainers, Candy knows exactly what she is talking about because as a successful Realtor, she’s not just teaching the principals of real estate, she’s practicing them ensuring her coaching is never stale or off-the-mark. Everything I was (not) doing or trying to figure out, she had done too.
She made me really look at my goals, my strengths and my weaknesses and determine how to harness them to build the business I wanted to have.
Candy Miles-Crocker absolutely gave me the tools, the confidence, the motivation and the A-HA moments to not just be an agent, but to have a career. She taught me to identify my sphere of influence and use my network to build a business pipeline. She gave me techniques and tools to rise above the competition and get noticed…all on a budget.
When I finally put Candy’s lessons into practice, I realized nearly $2.1 million in sales in one month.
If like me, you need to jump start or grow your business, I cannot recommend Candy Miles-Crocker’s Real-Life Real Estate Training courses enough. It will truly be the best investment you’ve made in you.

Deean Rubin


What I like best about the Real-Life Real Estate Training program is that it is very flexible. It’s not like the other books and seminars that give you vague ideas on how to be successful.
The Real-Life Real Estate program gives you specific suggestions as to what you can do immediately to become a successful real estate agent.



This is my first year in real estate and I still listen to Your First 30 days in Real Estate every week to keep me on track and stay motivated.
The hardest part of becoming a real estate agent the moment you realize you have NO idea what you’re doing. I listened to countless training podcasts and webinars to magically “jump start” my business and it’s no surprise they didn’t work, because there is no magic secret.
Which is why I love Real-Life Real Estate with Candy Miles-Crocker. Her ‘real life” approach helps you put your systems and practices in place and create the foundation of your business.
I also love that she teaches you to tap into your own resources to gain clients rather than wasting money on marketing. And not only are you learning to create your own leads, you will actually be prepared and know what to do when your leads become clients.
I’ve had the opportunity to attend Candy’s Real-Life Training classes and it’s refreshing to see someone who truly practices what they preach. Her training comes from her own experience, she knows what works because she’s been there…and I promise, if you listen to Candy and follow her training, you will be successful.
Once I began implementing her training my business went from totally non-existent to having multiple listings, buyer clients, and a pipeline full of leads. And again, not through any magic secret, or miserable cold calling, but through ‘real life’ training.

Melissa Farley


I’ve had the good fortune of taking the Real-Life Real Estate courses. Early in my career I found the motivational tone of other training programs to be a waste of time; I needed to know how to efficiently build my business using practical, real-life tools and methods, as I literally couldn’t afford anything less!
Candy’s blunt and pragmatic approach cut to the core of what agents – particularly those new to the business – need to learn.
Her course topics include: turning customers into prospective clients, navigating the complexities of the loan process, tools for negotiating, and managing expectations, to name a few. Her teaching has helped my business grow each year since I entered real estate.
Now that I’m an established agent, I continue to listen to Candy’s courses, not because I still need to, but because I know I’ll always learn something new. It is without reservation that I recommend Candy’s training to agents, both new and experienced.

Phil Dickson


I have been a Realtor for many years and over the years I have seen and tried numerous training and coaching programs. I can’t count how much money I have spent on these programs.
The value of the Real-Life Real Estate Training program is that I can now get the specific training I need, when I need it.
I don’t have to wait until a speaker comes to town and hope they cover the topic I need.
The Real-Life Training program fits my lifestyle, without wasting my time.
I have recommended the Real-Life Real Estate Training program to other agents I know…both experienced and those new to the business and we all agree, this is the best “real” real estate training on the market.

Kevin Johnson


I’m not sure I would have made it as a Realtor if it hadn’t been for the Real-Life Real Estate Training program. Before I started in this business, I did not know anyone or really anything about real estate.
By the time I got my license, I knew all of the “what’s” of the business, but none of the “how’s”. I knew what a “client” was, but did not know how to get one. The Real-Life Real Estate Training program gave me the confidence I needed to be more assertive and not be a “secret agent”.
The Real-Life Real Estate Training program teaches you how to get to the top and have a good time getting there.

David Crosland


Real-Life Real Estate Training has been the best investment for my career as an agent. It’s a great resource with tons of tools and information that helped me develop as an agent.
My sales volume has soared since investing in the Real-Life Real Estate Training program.

Nicole Lawrence