Your Roadmap to Success in Real Estate

Stop Stressing and Learn What to Do to Build Your Real Estate Business

Courses for Real Estate Agents

Expert Training for Real Estate Agents
Your Roadmap to Success in Real Estate

Your Road Map to Success as a Real Estate Agent

You thought your pre-licensing class would be enough to launch your real estate career.  But it wasn’t enough.

The CORE Essentials Blueprint

The CORE Essentials Blueprint

Are you tired of trying to piece together your real estate business? Being a successful real estate agent looks so easy on TV, yet you’re finding that is a little more challenging than you first thought.

Your First 30 Days as a Real Estate Agent

Your First 30 Days as a Real Estate Agent

Step-by-step instructions to get your business up & running quickly. Let us show you where to start. Learn what to do and HOW to do it.

The Buyer Presentation

The Buyer Presentation

Both new and experienced agents can get so excited that they forget about the fundamentals of having a smooth transaction.

Learn from an Expert

Meet Candy Miles-Crocker,
the Real-Life Realtor

I call myself the Real-Life Realtor because unlike most real estate agent trainers, I am an Active Realtor, with licenses in three jurisdictions.  So, how did this whole training company get started?

What Can I Help You With Today?

Expert Strategies for Real Estate Agents


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Skill + Success Training


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  • Deean Rubin

    “Real-Life Real Estate Training gave me the tools, the confidence and motivation I needed to launch my career.”

    Deean Rubin
  • Melissa Farley

    “If you put Candy’s systems and practices in place, you will be successful.”

    Melissa Farley
  • Emily

    “Real-Life Real Estate gives you specific tasks you can do immediately to become a successful real estate agent.”

  • Phil Dickson

    “Candy’s blunt and pragmatic approach cut to the core of what agents – particularly those new to the business – need to learn.”

    Phil Dickson
  • Kevin Johnson

    “The value of the Real-Life Real Estate Training program is that I can get the specific training I need when I need it.”

    Kevin Johnson
  • David Crossland

    “The Real-Life Real Estate Training program gave me the confidence I needed to be more assertive and not be a secret agent.”

    David Crossland
  • Nicole Lawrence

    “Real-Life Real Estate Training has been the best investment I have made in my business.”

    Nicole Lawrence