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Our New Normal

What is our new normal?

For better or worse, the world we knew is gone.  We no longer know what “normal” is or will be.

How we conducted business has either been eliminated or changed completely.  We can only wonder if things will ever be the same.

But we can’t let our current situation paralyze us to the point where we do nothing. 

To do nothing, is to see our business dry up and die. We can’t afford to let that happen.

If we are to move forward, we must make a few changes, think differently and perhaps get out of our comfort zone.

Starting now, we must create a new normal and utilize this gift of time.

Make Phone Calls

Call everyone you know.

It doesn’t matter if they’re looking to buy or sell real estate.  Simply call to check in on them.  See how they are doing during these challenging times. 

If the conversation turns to real estate, talk about business, ask for a referral, but know this is not the point of the call.

Most of us are missing interacting with our friends, family and colleagues.  Your phone call could help someone get through this period of isolation.

Send a Handwritten Note

Follow up your call with a note. 

Short and sweet.

Send an actual birthday or anniversary card.

Your small act of kindness could easily make someone’s day.

Become Active on Social Media

We know that social media can be a black hole, but now that we seem to have more hours in our days, why not become more engaged.

Now is a great time because so many people are on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Take the time to post and analyze what your “friends” and “followers” respond to and make the necessary adjustments.

Update Your Systems

Anything you do more than twice should be systematized.

Review your buyer and listing presentations and update them if necessary.

Create or revise buyer checklists,  procedures for processing contracts and scripts. 

Look at everything you do in your business and see what can be improved.

Do Something Different

There is no better time to get out of your comfort zone than in these challenging and unpredictable times.

That could mean calling expireds and withdrawn properties, doing videos or learning a new skill.

Although we are living in uncertain times, we have been given the gift of time. 

When we come out of this we want to have something to show for it. 

What that looks like is up to you.

For some, this could be a time of rest, reading more or making deeper connections with the people we care about.

It May Not Be Easy

Cultural changes generally occur slowly over time.

But not this time.

No one can predict what will happen from one day to the next.

There is no question that we will have difficult days and experience frustration, that’s to be expected.

How we handle those days will be key.

Let’s choose to use this gift of time to better ourselves, personally and professionally.

In the end, the world just might be a better place.

Let me know how you are using this gift of time.

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