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It’s All About Your Attitude

A career as a real estate agent can sometimes seem like a very lonely profession.  While it’s true that we are often surrounded by our clients…buyers and sellers, what we experience on a day-to-day basis can be somewhat isolating.  This is especially true for newer agents.

Where Do I Begin?

When you go into the office it’s as though everyone around you is busy and while you know you need to be doing a lot of different things, you really don’t know where to begin or who to ask for help.

I’m In Over My Head

At your sales meetings the other agents are actively participating in the discussion about the market conditions while you sit wondering “what have I gotten myself into”? Or you have a couple of clients who said they were ready to buy, and have seen properties that they really seemed to like, but they just won’t make an offer…no matter how much or gently you try to push them.

Is It Just Me

It’s times like these that make you feel as though you are the only real estate agent in your brokerage that is having a tough time. It is very easy to go into “pity party” mode.  You start feeling sorry for yourself and wonder if you made the right career move.  But I am here to tell you that everyone has these moments.  Even the most experienced real estate agents have these moments. And how do you push through these moments?  You change your attitude.

Expect Great Things

If you expect great things to happen, they will.  If you continue to work your plan, you will not only get more clients but you will more than likely convert more clients.  Your attiutude has a direct correlation on your success. With a positive attitude more people will be attracted to you.  There really is something to be said for the “Laws of Attraction”.   So when things seem to be going wrong, don’t get an attitude…change your attitude and see what happens…and let me know what happens! Be prosperous!

Enjoy less stress by having smoother transactions by implementing these simple strategies today!

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  1. James A. Anderson says:

    Very practical and important suggesions for the novice agent.