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Lessons Learned

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With over a decade of working as a Realtor I have learned a great deal throughout the years.  As I reflect on my real estate education I found these to be my top 8 lessons learned…

Top 8 Lessons Learned

1.  Most people are good and trustworthy.  Although we often complain about some troublesome clients, I truly believe that they are the exception, but unfortunately seem to generate the most comments.

2.  Over 90% of your transactions will eventually settle.  While we have “bumps in the road” with virtually every real estate transaction, they will settle.

3.  Not every statement deserves a response.  I have found that people will often be thinking out loud. We often want to fill the space with noise, but I have learned that silence is a good thing.  This applies to both email and in person conversations.

4.  People will work out their own issues.  Although we are the first line of defense for many of our clients, when left to think about their options, both buyers and sellers will find a solution on their own.

5.  Respond, don’t React.  Take a moment to digest the situation…whether good or bad, and then make the appropriate response.  You’ll find that when you react you will usually make the situation worse.

6.  If you keep up your marketing efforts the business will come.  It’s so easy to let your marketing activities fall by the wayside when you are working with a dozen clients.  But if you don’t continue to market yourself, once you are finished with those clients you have nothing in the pipeline.

7.  Manage expectations.  This should probably be number one!  If you have done your job of managing your clients’ expectations, when issues arise it will be easier to talk them off the ledge.

8.  Don’t worry about things you can’t control.  As a Realtor I do my absolute best help my clients get what they want and need, but I also realize that there are numerous variables that I can’t control.  I can only do my part and push the others along…me worrying about it doesn’t help, it just makes me sick.

It’s true that some of these lessons I have learned just through living.  But as a Realtor I have found that when working with so many different personalities it’s so important to be able to keep my perspective.

What lessons have you learned?

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