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7 Must-Have Tips to Crush It in Real Estate

You’ve taken your pre-licensing class, passed your State exam and affiliated with a broker, now it’s time to get to work. 

The only question is, what do you do?

If you’re looking to crush it in real estate, follow this 7 tips for success. 

In no particular order, let’s get started.

Get More Training

This is probably the last thing you want to hear, but it’s one of the most important things you can do.

You will soon find out that your pre-licensing class was simply the tip of the iceberg.  It taught you the legalities of real estate, now you need to know how to BE a real estate agent.

If your broker offers training, attend every session you can. If you haven’t joined a brokerage that has a great training program, check online for additional courses you can take to learn about what happens in the transaction.

It’s a great investment in yourself and your future.

Call Everyone You Know

When you become an agent you often feel that you don’t know enough to talk to people about real estate. 

One of the biggest fears new agents have is that someone will ask them a question they don’t have an answer for. While you may not know everything, you know enough to make the call.

The first call you make to everyone you know, is to let them know that you have a new career as a real estate agent. 

That’s it.

Have a goal of calling three people each day.  When you get through all of your contacts, start again.

By the time you call them again, you’ll have more confidence and more to say.

Ask For the Business

When talking to people and making calls, be sure to ask for their business.

People move when they experience life changing events. 

If you talk to someone and they mention that they are getting married or having a baby, ask if they’ll be looking for a new home.

Find a way to ask that is comfortable for you, but you must ask.

The worst that could happen is that they say no.

Don’t Take It Personally

One of the most difficult things to hear is that a friend or family member just bought a house.

While they are bubbling over with excitement, you feel like you just got kicked in the stomach.

But don’t take it personally.  It has happened to all of us.

For whatever reason they either didn’t want to work with you or worse, they forgot you were an agent.

It’s important to remember this may be the largest purchase they’ll ever make. 

It could be they didn’t think you knew enough to guide them in the right direction or maybe they didn’t want you to know any of their personal business.

You don’t know what was going through their mind.

Bottom line, family and friendship supersedes business. 

Continue to let them know what you are doing in real estate.  They may have colleagues and friends who need your services.  

Be a Resource

You will find that people love talking about real estate.

They hear a story on the news and think they know everything there is to know about real estate.

They don’t, but you do.

When you communicate with your Sphere of Influence (SOI), give them information that is useful.

You may want to provide information outlining market conditions, a comparative market analysis or a new business opening in their neighborhood.

When you provide information that people care about, you will never be thought of as a pest. 

They will look forward to receiving and reading your valuable information.

Take Your Job Seriously

As a real estate agent, you are running your own business…so treat it like a business.

Put yourself on a schedule, and stick to it.

Write out a “To Do List” each and every day so there is no doubt as to what you want to accomplish each day.

Use time blocking to stay focused and get your work done.

As I mentioned earlier, get additional training to educate yourself on your new business.

Being a real estate agent isn’t the most difficult job on the planet, but it does take training and a good work ethic.  

Success won’t happen overnight, however it will happen if you do the work.

Be Patient

Although real estate is one of the easiest businesses to start, it is difficult to achieve success,

Don’t be surprised if it takes you four to six months to get your first client.

That’s normal.

Is it frustrating? 

Without a doubt, but keep doing the work.

In the beginning, you are sowing and watering seeds.

If you keep doing the work and have a positive attitude, you will see results.

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