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You Can Call Me Anytime

What makes you different from all the thousands and thousands of real estate agents in your market?  Is it because you are available to your clients 24/7?

Are You Being Completely Honest?

I actually cringe when I hear real estate agents say they are available to their clients 24/7…or what they like to say is, “you can call me anytime”!  But is that the truth? I don’t think so.  Will you really pick up your phone when a client calls you on Saturday night at 11:30?  How about 2am on Tuesday morning?

We Need To Manage Expectations

One of our major jobs throughout the home buying and home selling process is to manage our clients’ expectations.  We need to let them know not only about the real estate process, but how we work, as well as what we expect from them.  A major part of the conversation should be how all of the parties will most effectively communicate.    Here are just a few questions I like to ask my clients at our first meeting:

  • What is the best way for me to reach you?
  • How would you like to receive new listings?
  • When is the best time to call you?
  • If I need to reach you quickly, what is the best way to contact you?
  • When are you available to look at properties?
  • Are you available during your lunch hour?

It’s All About Communication

This is just a small sample of questions that I feel I need to ask in order to communicate with my client effectively.  This also lets my client know what they can expect from me.  I also let my clients know that my phone is turned off around 6:30 every evening (unless I know they will be calling).  This frees me up from constantly checking my phone when I am trying to enjoy family time and it also lets my client know that they will get my voice mail if they call me after 6:30.  And the great thing is this…they aren’t upset about getting my voice mail because I told them upfront (at our first meeting) what to expect.

So for those real estate agents out there that love to say, “oh you can call me anytime”, what happens when a client calls at you at 5am on Saturday morning and you don’t answer?

Be prosperous!

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