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The Emotional Side of Selling Real Estate

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As real estate professionals we know that buying and selling real estate can be a very emotional time.

Keep Your Client Moving Forward

At some point during the transaction we have to help our clients stay focused, remain calm or talk them down from the ledge.  Very few transactions are worry-free…there are sometimes numerous bumps in the road.  But through it all we try to keep our clients moving forward.  When training real estate agents I always teach that they are the ones who can’t become emotional about the transaction.  It’s easy to say, but can be difficult to do.

I Became Emotionally Attached

I just completed a transaction in which I became emotionally attached.  As much as I tried not to, the buyer kept drawing me back in.  You see, the buyer is a 75 year old woman with a heart of gold.  So kind, so gentle and never a bad word about anything or anyone.  She didn’t want much in terms of amenities, all she wanted was a fresh start in a new house.

She Always Came Back

We met at an open house two years ago.  She loved the house I was holding open, but couldn’t afford it.  Although she had a house to sell, it was in need of repair…repairs she didn’t want to do.  Health and family issues made our housing search have a lot of stops and starts, but through it all she always came back to me…and I was always there when she called.

Tears of Joy

When we sold her house she didn’t think she would ever find a new one…one on a quiet street with a nice yard where her grandchildren could play.  We lost a couple of houses because she couldn’t escalate too high.  The disappointment in her voice was almost unbearable and I assured her that the right house would come along.  And it did.  Everything about it was perfect and it put a smile in her voice.  At the final walk through she broke down in tears…tears of happiness and thanked me for finding the house of her dreams.

Tears of Happiness

It was when she told me that I was now a part of her family that I let a tear drop.  My tears were also tears of happiness.  A tear that comes with knowing you helped someone achieve their dream of owning a home…there’s nothing quite like it. Be prosperous!

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