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Social Media Success In 30 Minutes

Real Estate Agent Training Tips
Real Estate Agent Training Tips We all know that if you plan on being a successful real estate agent in today’s market you MUST be active on the Social Media sites.  I train agents of all ages and I have to say that there are some that are resisting social media like they are in the witness protection program.

You’re In Control

I have heard so many excuses about why they can’t use social media and I have a comeback (surprise, surprise) for all of them.  What they don’t seem to understand is that social media only puts out there what you input.  So if you don’t want “the world” to know all of your personal business…than don’t post it.

Schedule The Time

For those agents who claim they don’t have “time” for social media, I urge you to adjust your schedule to accommodate it.  Social media takes as long as you allow it to take.  I’m going to show you how you can be effective on social media, using 4 popular sites with only 30 minutes a day…15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening…or however you want to break down the time.
  • Facebook –  Separate your friends into lists.  By doing this you can focus on the people who really need your attention…clients, past clients, etc.  Comment on their activities first and try to post videos and status reports that will appeal to them.  The goal is to have your friends comment on what you post.  Logging on to Facebook 3-4 times a week is sufficient.
  • LinkedIn – Definitely post more business related items.  Join groups that are of interest to you, make comments and ask questions to promote dialogue.  Checking in 2-3 times a week is good.
  • Twitter – “Follow” real estate market leaders.  They will help you stay current of trends, financing, marketing and a host of other important information.  You can either re-Tweet their Tweets or post your own information.  You’ll want to Tweet throughout the day, but it’s quick and easy…remember, it’s only 160 characters per Tweet.
  • Active Rain – Connect with other real estate professionals to learn about best practices in a variety of areas.  Post blogs and comment on other blogs. I try to post twice a week and comment 3 times a week.

Get Started Today

You don’t have to be on every site every day.  You control it, so schedule it when it works for you.  But you have to start.  Social media is NOT going anywhere, if anything, it will increase and where will that leave your real estate business? Be prosperous!

Enjoy less stress by having smoother transactions by implementing these simple strategies today!

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Let’s Go to Work!

  Setting up your accounts and profiles on each of these sites may take you longer than 30 minutes, but once you have the accounts set up you’ll be good to go.

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