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You Are So Much More Than A Real Estate Agent

Most consumers don’t realize it, but as a real estate professional we wear a lot of different hats.  From the outside looking in Our profession looks fairly easy and glamorous…thanks to cable television shows.

Real Estate Agents Work With Everyone

But those of us who have been in the business… been in the trenches, know that nothing could be further from the truth.  One of the best aspects of our jobs is that we get to meet all types of people; from all walks of life with various incomes and professions.  It’s fantastic!  But with all of these very different types of people, we get to manage the very different personality types.  And this can sometimes be challenging.

What We Do As Real Estate Agents

How about the husband and wife team who don’t seem to be on the same page.  You only know this because they have spoken with you separately in confidence about what they want in their new home.  Our mission as their real estate agent…get them on the same page without losing their respect.  Fun. How about the overbearing parent who is on a mission to protect their child (who is over 30 years old), from the big, bad real estate agent who is only their to sell them a house and collect a commission.  Our mission…to delicately educate the parent on the market (because they believe what they have heard and read) and let them know that we aren’t looking for a quick sale.  We want to build a relationship.  Fun. And how about the client who has something tragic occur during the transaction.  As their real estate agent you still have to make sure they adhere to the terms and conditions of their contract, all while trying to help them get through their tragic event.  Fun.

The Reality Of The Real Estate Agent

These are the types of real life issues that we face all the time.  We don’t talk about these issues or complain about them because they are simply part of our job.  We are a sounding board, troubleshooters, marriage counselors, psychologists, motivators, scapegoat, hand-holder and so much more; yet to the untrained eye we are simply…a real estate agent. Be prosperous!

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The Reality of Real Estate

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