When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough

Real Estate Agent Training TipsFrom the time my children were small I always told them that they could talk to me about anything.

It Happens To All Of Us

Now that they are teenagers I sometimes wonder if I really want to hear everything they tell me.  I’m constantly thinking, “Why can’t you talk to Dad about this?”  In any event, one day my teenage son looks as though he has the weight of the world on his shoulders.  When I inquire about what he’s thinking about, he hesitates than says, “Mom, what if you are doing your best and it just doesn’t seem to be good enough”?

Good question right?

How many times have you wondered that as an adult, and more importantly, as a real estate agent?  There are times in our real estate career when it seems our clients take us through the wringer and we can’t seem to do anything right in their eyes. Try as we might, they seem to find fault in all that we do.  So what do you do?

It All Depends

There are different answers to this question depending on the stages of your client “relationship”.  If it is early on in the process, you may want to refer them to another agent. Saying this “isn’t a good fit” is a kind way to bow out. But if you are under contract awaiting settlement, “leaving” the relationship is probably not an option.  So what do you do?

You Can Only Wait It Out

Since you know you can’t seem to please this client, just continue to do your job to the best of your ability.  There will always be people who will find fault in every little detail, but you can’t control that.  But what you can control is how you handle the situation.  You are a professional, so handle the situation in a professional manner…no matter how they treat you.  How you handle difficult situations like this?

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