Maybe It’s Not About You – Real Estate Agent Training Tips

Real Estate Agent Training TipsHave you ever had a client who was angry with you over what seemed to be the smallest of things?

Have you ever gotten frustrated with a client who was being what you considered to be unreasonable?

What about an agent who didn’t return your telephone call or email in what you thought was a timely fashion?

Have you ever not returned a telephone call promptly?  What about an email?

Have you received an email that was perhaps a bit more harsh than the situation called for?

Have you ever sent an overly harsh email?

You Probably Answered Yes To One

Whether we are honest enough to admit to it or not, I think that most of us can answer “yes” to at least one of these questions.

We Are Human

But stop for a moment and think about what you were going through when you did this to someone else.  As real estate agents we try our very best to put on the best face possible to our clients and the general public.  In general, we are upbeat and fairly pleasant people.  But every once in a while we show our human side.  This completely natural behavior can surface for a variety of reasons.

What’s Behind It All

Maybe you were working with an extremely difficult client who was making an unreasonable request.  Maybe you had worked for 14 days straight without taking a break and were just exhausted. Or perhaps you were experiencing some personal issues that have you a little preoccupied.

Whatever the reason, sometimes we need to remember that everyone has difficult days.  Most of us don’t intend to be mean-spirited or non-responsive or send an angry email…maybe it’s just that today is not the best of days.

Cut Them Some Slack

So when this happens to you…and it will, give the other person/agent the benefit of the doubt that this is not the norm for them.  You just don’t know what someone is going through on a given day.  While we can’t control their behavior, we can control our response to their behavior.  Please don’t take it personally because more than likely, it’s not about you…it’s about them.  Be patient, understanding and think to yourself, “maybe they’re just having a bad day”.

Even Realtors deserve a “pass” on some days…wouldn’t you agree?

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