Is It a Good Time to Buy Real Estate?

Real Estate Agent TrainingOver the course of the last few years I have heard real estate agents debate this question over and over again.  Call me crazy, but I don’t see why this is even a topic of discussion.

Buy Real Estate Now

When I am asked by real estate agents or by consumers whether or not it is a good time to buy my answer is always the same “YES”.  Thankfully I do work in a market that hasn’t been hit as hard in this housing down turn, but it has been hit.  But all that means is that I have to work harder and do more prospecting to get clients…but back to my point. 

It’s a Good Time for Buying Real Estate For Many Reasons 

First, home prices are lower than normal so buyers can get a pretty good deal.  Second, interest rates are lower than normal…it’s a perfect storm.  First time home buyers can and should take advantage of this storm.  Using FHA financing, they only need 3.5% in cash for the down payment.  If they can get the seller to contribute to their closing costs (if not pay for all of them), they can get into a house for very little money.  So buyers who want to take advantage of these historic lows are primed and ready to buy.

No More Gloom and Doom

We have to remember that consumers are constantly being fed real estate gloom and doom by the media.  It is up to us, as real estate professionals to set the record straight.  No matter what market you are in, it is always a good time for buying real estate for some people.  If you are unemployed or don’t have the necessary money for a down payment, then no, it isn’t a good time for you to buy…but if this is or has been your buyer’s situation, then ten years ago during the housing boom wasn’t a good time for them to buy either.  No matter what type of market we are in it is our responsibility to educate our buyers and help them assess their financial situation.

So the next time you are asked, “Is it a good time for buying real estate“, say “yes, it’s a great time to buy”!

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