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Real Estate Agent Training and CoachingThis statement only sounds good when it’s being said by former heavyweight boxing champion, Muhammad Ali.  What I find funny is that in the past two days I have had two new clients say they eliminated my competition because the agents were so impressed with themselves. 

In each case, I am told, that the agents told the perspective clients about the number of degrees they held, the number of designations and a number of other factoids that have nothing to do with buying or selling real estate.  Frankly, I was stunned.  Have agents really forgotten that the transaction is not about us?

Whatever Happened to Us Listening

Whatever happened to us listening to what the client had to say? Why on earth would we do the majority of the talking?  When we do talk we should be asking questions to help us understand what the consumer wants and what benefits they receive by working with us…our value proposition.  As the old saying goes, people buy from people they like.  I’ll add to that saying that you also must be knowledgeable and trustworthy, but they first have to like you and want to do business with you.

Buying and Selling Real Estate is a Big Decision

Buying and selling real estate is a big decision for most people…one they don’t enter into lightly.  For most, this is an extremely large purchase and commitment.  The bottom line is this… it’s all about THEM.  So even if you feel you really are the greatest of all time, share those feeling with your family and friends and let your clients know that you will work tirelessly to help them navigate the home buying and selling process.  And if you are as great as you think you are, they will let you know.

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  1. Candy is a fabulous instructor with tons of knowledge. Anything you want to know about–just ask her–she will have the right answer. Have a problem with anything–she has the recommended solution!

  2. Good point. I am going to look at revising some of my marketing materials with this in mind. While I do want my prospective clients to “know how great I am,” there may be a more effective way of marketing to their specific needs. ~ Aloha

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