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Real Estate Agent Training TipsWhen my daughter was just four years old, her beloved kindergarten teacher was reassigned to another school due to budget cutbacks.

Through The Eyes Of A Child

That evening her teacher called to see how my daughter was doing.  I told the teacher that I thought she was doing fine because she hadn’t mentioned it.  So after getting off the phone I asked my daughter how she felt about having to move to a new class.  Her response was short and sweet, and something I will never forget.  She looked up at me with a puzzled look and said, “Mom, change is good”.  Wow, out the mouths of babes!

What About Real Estate Agents?

Now I guess you are wondering how this relates to us real estate agents.  Well, since late last year I have been attending course after course about technology, social networking, web site design and all of that good stuff. It never ceases to amaze me how many real estate agents are “fighting” this change.  Folks, technology is here to stay…we will not be going back to how we used to do things.

Can you imagine?

  • Not having a computerized multiple listing service
  • Not having a computer
  • Having to use a typewriter
  • No copy machine
  • No fax machine
  • Only a land line, no cell phone
  • No Internet
  • No video camera

Our Lives Are Made A Lot Easier

Yes, it is easy to go overboard with technology, but the fact remains that we have to embrace it at some point because if we don’t, we will truly be left behind.  I’m not saying that you have to do everything, but you should at least be willing to look at it, try it, and see if it works for you and see how you can make it work for your business.

The First Time Home Buyer Is Getting Younger

The younger generation communicates in a different way than many of us are used to.  But guess what?  If we want to reach this population of potential home buyers we must step it up on the technology front.  And just when you are ready to say, “It’s not for me” or “I don’t see the point in this social networking stuff”, think back to my little four year daughter and remember, “Change is good”.

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